söndag 21 oktober 2018


Some new decorations for the fall!

tisdag 10 juli 2018

Pastel carpets

Made some new carpets in pastel colours...printed on linen fabric.

My bedroom box...

This is my new roombox with my old Brookwood furnitures. I have sold the Brookwoodhouse....

söndag 10 juni 2018

Childrens room

Two Childrens room made by me. Some furniture kits from Jaco Minis, toys made by me...

måndag 19 februari 2018

Liza´s Cottage

Here comes som old pics of my Liza´s Cottage! I started to built it 2010! You may have seen them before...

I did particiapeted in Miniatures.com 17th Annual Creatin´Contest and 
 get an Honorable Mention  and I was so thrilled about that! 

This great wooden sign, houses and birdhouse is made by Katie`Clay Corner

Here can you see the last winner of the competition!

fredag 16 februari 2018

Made a table!

    I made a preparation table in miniature! Bought some green tiles from Cilla/Minst.com
    The woodenbox is made by Miniatyrmakarna!

måndag 12 februari 2018

The Baby Room

Started to built this Baby room 2011, keep filling with new items. I bought some new wooden toys from Minst.com , that Cilla made. You see them on the blue drawer to the left.