söndag 5 april 2020

torsdag 2 april 2020

 My flowershop

onsdag 19 februari 2020


A new carpet in modern style....

söndag 29 september 2019

The café

Here comes some old pics of my café....
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måndag 22 juli 2019

måndag 21 januari 2019

onsdag 26 december 2018


You can find a lot of tutorials on my Pinterest page - HERE!

Wendy, scoll down a bit and you find the sofa I made...

fredag 21 december 2018

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to You ALL!
Thanks for follow my blog!

söndag 21 oktober 2018


Some new decorations for the fall!

tisdag 10 juli 2018

Pastel carpets

Made some new carpets in pastel colours...printed on linen fabric.

My bedroom box...

This is my new roombox with my old Brookwood furnitures. I have sold the Brookwoodhouse....