onsdag 5 augusti 2009


Photo challenge!

I received the photo challenge from Eva !
I am supposed to open the fourth picture in the fourth file of my photo album in the coputer.
Then sent it to four other...
Here is a pic dated the 6:th July 2007 and there is our youngest cat the very first day at our home.He is only 7 weeks old! We get him the same day and here he just went to sleep!

I pass it on to:

2 kommentarer:

Jemjoop sa...

aww what a sweet little kitty

Anonym sa...

Har varit inne på din blogg, googlade efter miniatyrer, och hamnade hos dej.
Vilka vackra tittskåp du gör!!!
Jag blir alldeles lycklig.... :o)
Det är en ren fröjd, keep up the good work!!!
Hälsningar Tossa!!