söndag 23 maj 2010

A New Award!

Thank you so much Carol for giving me this Trendy Blog Award!
I am really flattered and so happy to receipt it!
In turn I will send this award to 10 other bloggers who inspire me.
But its hard to select for the reason that you All are so lot of talent and give me all so much inspirations. But here it comes:

Click on the names and you´ll get to their blogs!

6 kommentarer:

Liberty Biberty sa...

Thank you Lena!

Susanne sa...

Thank you Lena, I am very glad you thought of me.
Yet, I can never decide whom to pass awards on to. So this time, I´ll pass it on to all my followers.
Love, Susanne

Roelie sa...

Thank you Lena, I am very happy with it and find it an honor.

My idea is that anyone who makes miniatures deserve an award so I give it to anyone who reads this.

Regards, Roelie

Taru sa...

Tack Lena :) ,Taru

Julianna sa...

Tusen tack Lena!! Made me happy again. :)

Lissu sa...

Thank You <3