söndag 20 juni 2010

My storage and workroom!

Here you can see my storage of things that I use for my miniature work. I just sorted it all out in boxes and in this moment its very organized. But in a week I guess it will be a mess again... There is paper, wood, paint cans, fabrics, several bolls of yarn, sculpey, magazins, books, sewing, beads, etc.
I really doesnt have a big workroom, just a small place were I have my computer.

10 kommentarer:

Debbie sa...

Everything looks so tidy..xxx

kathi sa...

I love those wooden boxes you have. Right now my workroom is a mess! Somehow it never seems to look this good!

Patty sa...

What a wonderful spot to work at!!! It looks great!!

Irene sa...

Lucky you! It's all very neat and organised. I love boxes and baskets!

Flora sa...

I love this space! I'll never ever, so I like even more :-)
Kisses, Flora

cockerina sa...

Oh! like everything is tidy and cataloged! my work table right now is in total chaos! ha ha!

miniacollection sa...

Your workroom is very well organized, I like it, not just because it is tidy. a great place to make your miniatures.

Meli sa...

All so tidy and organised!!!
I also need to have a little space for me!
Great work Lena!

Liberty Biberty sa...

You are very organized Lena!
My work room never stays tidy for long either!

Natascha sa...

you have a very nice room.