söndag 11 juli 2010


I´ve got som plastic shells and starfish as a gift from Birgitta ,that I think look like soaps. I also made some sponges. This is for a new project that I am working on right now.There is going to be a interier shop in a new roombox...

If you need more than one of a piece, use some mold and make lots of them... I used a scrapbook decoration angel, and put in the mold. ( You can buy it where you buy clays and that is easy to mix ) Then I used white coloured DAS , an air-drying clay.

7 kommentarer:

Margaret sa...

The mold is a great idea and those plastic shells and starfish make excellent soaps. Great start to your new shop!

Norma sa...

You are right about the shells and starfish, they do look like they could be soaps if you put them in the right setting. The little sponges in the basket look great too! As Margaret said, it looks like you have a nice beginning for your shop.

Evas miniaturerhobby sa...

Hej Lene
Hvor er det nogle fine stykker sæbe du har lavet! Og kurvene er fantastiske til de små sæber og svampe.
Det er en god ide' at lave mange ens modeller, så nu vil jeg på jagt efter en model jeg kan bruge til at lave mange flere af. Tak for ide'en og held og lykke med det nye projekt!
Knus Eva

Ascension sa...

Me encanta las conchas y las esponjas.
Los moldes te han quedado perfectos, enhorabuen!!
besitos ascension

Liberty Biberty sa...

The soaps look wonderful Lena!
And the mould is a fantastic idea!!

Flora sa...

All very nice and convincing :-)
Angels are a wonder!
Mini hugs, Flora

Ann sa...

I've never thought of using a mold for the minis... this opens up a world of possibilities... thanks for the tip!