torsdag 15 juli 2010

Swedish Summer!

I just want to show you some pics from the fishing village next to my town, where I live in sweden.
My parents spend the summer here in a small red house with white corner of the house.
Thats typical look for a swedish house, and it looks very nice to the green vegetations. This houses are very old , but very well renovated.
The very tiny house are an old laundryhouse, where they boild the laundry for almost a hundred years ago.
Then you can see the food cellar where they kept the food. I think its still can be used, becouse its very chilly inside.
The big boat house in the picture at the bottom is where the fishermen keep the boat. They still do fishing everyday and we can buy smoked salomon and kippers. (smoked baltic herring)
I took theese pics yesterday and it was a blowing a lot , a bit cloudy, but still a tropical heat.

15 kommentarer:

Norma sa...

It looks like a very nice and relaxing place, thanks for sharing the photos :)

Meli sa...

Thanks for the photos Lena. It's a lovely place, even so green in summer!

Caseymini sa...

Lena, those houses look like minis as they stand. I would love to see some of them in miniature. Especially the Victorian cottage.

Daisy sa...

Those pictures are so beautiful and peaceful. I can feel the fresh air and those colors are so intense. Thank you so much for sharing.

Mimmi sa...

Det så virkelig idyllisk ut!

Janne sa...

For en herlig plass,skikkelig sommer paradis!
Ha en trivelig ferie.

Klem Janne

Heather sa...

What a lovely place. Lucky you! Thanks for sharing.

Patty sa...

What a gorgeous location to spend some summer months! I loved the photos!!!

Michelle's Mad World sa...

Those red buildings are my image of Sweden in the summer from what I have heard and read about. It would have been wonderful to see inside one too!

Truly wonderful photos and thank you for showing them! :o))

Michelle :o)

Ascension sa...

Gracias por esas preciosas fotografias.
Debe ser un lugar genial para pasar este verano tan caluroso
besitos ascension

Birgitta sa...

Ser hur mysigt ut som helst! Önskar dig en skön semester!

Susan sa...

Sweden looks very beautiful in summer, peaceful and so many flowers! I like the buildings, I love timber houses.

sagrario sa...

Son unas vistas preciosas,debe ser magnifico pasar una vacaciones alli ,se ve un lugar tan tranquilo,besos

Mari@ sa...

So lovely, peaceful and nicely places... I think that Sweden is a wonderful Country. Thank you to sharing :o)

miniacollection sa...

Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures.
It is a lovely place and looks very peaceful, perfect for a holiday.