söndag 22 augusti 2010

My first Give Away!

I´ll give it a try to post this picture one more time, just becouse it didnt show up in your bloglist, as I wish...I really cant figure it out about cyber space problems...
Please read the instructions in the other post and you are free to leave a comment here too...
Good luck my friends!

11 kommentarer:

Britt sa...

Hej Lena!
Det är något konstigt med nätet just nu för att jag försökte även skriva en kommentar på Maries blogg från Belgien.
Hoppas det löser sig

Skickar ännu en kommentar om din give-away.
Jag vill gärna vara med.
Kram Britt

Jody sa...

Hi Lena.

What a beautyful give away, I love it very much, Will you please count me in?
I put your advertise on my blog!

Greetings Jody.

Lotte sa...

I love your miniatures and want to take part of your Give Away. Greetings from Finland!


Thmini2 sa...

What a beautiful give away. Please put my name in the drawing. Hugs, Teresa

Thmini2 sa...

Forgot to say that I posted your giveaway on my blog.

Lene sa...

Hi Lena.
I'd love to join your give away.
I've put the picture and a link on my blog, and I hope you'll get even more followers!

Hugs Lene

Rosamargarita sa...

Ese sorteo es hermoso! puedo participar?

by Sonya Rotella sa...

Lena,please let me enter in this Give away because I love this style!
Your Give away is Fantastic!
The new about it is on my blog!

Usvis sa...

Hei, I also am now your new follower... :) You have so great stuff here! I'm new in all this miniature thing, but it is really awesome, what people make by their own hands!
So I will partisipate to the Give away also! :)

meloseta sa...

Hola,me llamo marga.Soy nueva en este mundillo que me encana.
Me gustaria participar en tu sorteo.
He estado visitando tu web y tienes preciosidades.


maria sa...

Hi Lena,
lovely give-away you made.
I also want to join, i am already a follower and i will putt your photo on my blog.