fredag 20 augusti 2010

My newest project!

Here you can see a few items that I will use in my newest project.
There is going to be a new modern interier shop, contains a lot of Lexington´s products. I´ve got the idea from visiting a local shop here in my city, were I found a lot of thing that I do want to my real house. Then I decide to make a shop like that i miniature.
I have tried to make pillows from transfer paper that you ironing to the fabric. I´m not so pleased to the resoult, I am still looking for another paper or way to use.
(I also have sought for the same product as Susanne have with no result...I cant find it to buy in europe....If anybody knows where...please let me know!)

Here is my hammocks in different coulors couled in a big basket. Then I have made some chair coushions that I also make from transfer paper. I used a coarsed fabric, thats why the print lookes a bit blurred. I do figured it out that the print looks a lot better with denser fabric.

Here is all my beddings wrapped in plastic for sale in the shop.

Here is some red and white check tableclothes with associated napkins and trays.
Then I make some bags containing sleepwear, just copied from real onesIn the background you see the towels with the Lexington label on.

I found this big old wooden box in a flea market and have a thougt about to use it for this project.
Maybe I can decorate the inside and make it looke like a shop, What do you think?

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Julianna sa...

I think that old wood box is just great for this project. Everything looks so beautiful! Interesting project again! :)

rosanna sa...

So good! I love our linens and eryrthing you have done. Cannot wait to see the shop, Rosanna

minimami sa...

I like that project of yours! Love the colors!
P.S Try printing on to fabric, works really well.

Lotte sa...

I´m sure your new project will be great! Those colours are so fresh.

Kia sa...

Wow. Hur snygga grejer som helst. Vilket piller med allt det lilla. Jag blir så imponerad när jag läser om det du och andra gör!

Kicki sa...

Kul projekt.Och det blir ju verkligen passande med trälådan oxå att inreda i.Lite havskänsla samtidigt över det hela som passar ihop med sakerna du ska använda.Sicket jobb du lagt ner på detta!!!
Kram Kicki.

Josje sa...

Lovely work!
You should be able to buy the Bubble Jet Set 2000 online, I bought it years ago from this Dutch online shop: I don't know if they ship to other countries.
You can print on fabric without using anything to prepare the fabric, I did a tutorial on YouTube a few months ago: and (two parts). Just don't get the fabric wet. Enjoy the printing! -Josje-

Marisa Stein sa...

I think that box will be a wonderful shop, I love all your textiles and your detail work is top notch!

thanks for sharing your project!


Marisa :)

Kathi sa...

I will be the very first customer in your new shop! Everything is perfectly "beachy!" Love all of the tiny things you have made!

Tove sa...


Du kan købe det som susanne bruger i danmark, hos
Hold op hvor er det nogle fine ting du har lavet

L'Atelier Blondie sa...

I just LOVE it !!!
Evelyne - Blondie Creations

by Sonya Rotella sa...

It is all fantastic!I love the american navy style.
I'm impatient to see the shop...could we make shopping in it? :-))
The lighthouses are so beautiful I have not find one like this.
Very perfect job!

Clara sa...

¡Cuanto stock tienes ya para la tienda! Los imprimibles están muy bien. Eres demasiado perfeccionista. Yo compraría en tu tienda. La shamacas me encantan.
Besos Clara

Susanne sa...

Fantastic things, you have made. The shop will be great. A have a direct link to Bubble jet 2000 dealer in Denmark here:
They also have the freezerpaper:
This will make the fabric washable, and the ink doesn´t smear.
Love, Susanne

De sa...

Everything is absolutely beautiful. The crate will be perfect for the shop. I've used similar crates for shops and apartments and have been very happy with the results.

Mimmi sa...

Kjempestilig! Så spennende prosjekt :-D

Lena sa...

Thanks for your comments and the great links!
I will do an order on Bubble jet 2000 and hope that they will send to sweden.


Irene sa...

I think the crate would make an excellent room box for your lovely little items. I just love the little labels on everything.

Ascension sa...

Va a quedar una tienda preciosa, me encantan todos los accesorios que tienes.
Los colores tan bien eegidos, son una pasada.
Cuando habras tu tienda, pasanos la direccion que habra que ir a comprar.
besitos ascension

Nina sa...

I look forward to your shop.
You know, I love all your mini projects.

Beatriz Fernández sa...

Tus trabajos son maravillosos. Muero por ver terminada la tienda que seguramente va a quedar hermosisima.
A mi me encanta todo lo que has presentado es que el ambiente marinero me gusta muchisimo.

Flora sa...

It seems to me all very nice: what I wish there really a shop like this ... Among other things, think how it would be nice if we could print fabrics for home furnishings 1 / 1 :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

Daisy sa...

This is fantastic! How clever to seal the items in plastic and add all the labels. :) Well done!

Judit Molnar sa...

I'm so happy to find your great blog! :)

Gillian Bayes sa...

The box will be perfect! I love all the stock you have made ready for your shop!

miniacollection sa...

Great work and the kind of shop I like in real life.
I think you would be right to use the box.
I can't wait to see more about this new project.