onsdag 13 oktober 2010


I´ve bought this paintings last summer in Gotland and totaly forget about them until now.

They are painted by a women called Inger Gärdeklev fromVisby in Gotland, and are reproductions printed on paper. She had larger sizes also, but I chose the smallest in miniature - of course!
The pictures depict lambs and white small stone plastered houses that is typical of Gotland.
I have made frames and painted it all in blue - my favorite coloure!

10 kommentarer:

Susanne sa...

They are very sweet, Lena, you are very lucky to have found it.
Love, Susanne

Marisa Stein sa...

I love your frames, were they difficult to make?


Marisa :)

Maria Jose sa...

Beautiful frames and paintings !

miniacollection sa...

Lovely paintings. They will be perfect in a miniature room.

Ascension sa...

Que preciosidad, me encantan con esos colores pastel.
besitos ascension

Birgitta, Sweden sa...

Vilka fina stämningsfulla målningar!

CLARA sa...

Muy buena compra. Están muy bien estos cuadros, parecen acuarelas. Me encantan.
Besos Clara

miniaturista sa...

Muy bonitas pinturas

maria sa...

Very beautifull!
Nice frames too.

Pan sa...

They will make a very nice addition to the dolls house. I would like to make some but imagine the frames would be very difficult to find/make.