torsdag 3 mars 2011

New Signs

Most of these vegetables and fruits are made a long time ago, you may have seen pics of them before.
I now have made new tomatoes and some signs...I still doesn´t know what to do with all this stuff, It doesn´t fit in a small roombox  so I have to make one by myself later on.

4 kommentarer:

Eva R.H. sa...

Son una maravilla! enhorabuena

Kathi sa...

Lovely little fruits and veggies!
Your tomatoes look good enough to eat!

Susanne sa...

Great signs, lena!
Love, Susanne

Peggy sa...

I can already picture it; a great marketstand next to a road where the farmer sells his products. Fresher then that you can't get!
Your minis look great!