måndag 7 mars 2011

News for the New Shop!

I have made some news for the Green Gate Shop. New fabrics in pastel colors and new pots with Tilda decorations. I bought the bed to have in the shop, but it was bigger than I thought so it didnt fit. I am going to use it in the bedroom in my Summer Retreat instead.

Dont forget to vote for me, there is only one day to go...tomorrow the it will be closed.

15 kommentarer:

Ana sa...

Oh¡¡¡Lena, es precioso todo y unos colores muy dulces¡¡¡Felicidades

minimami sa...

Lovely as allways!

miniacollection sa...

I love your fabrics.

Pity sa...

Todo precioso


marlies sa...

Beautiful, that goes great together and will be looking great in the shop!
* marlies

Chrissey sa...

Beautiful Lena, lovely colours, loving this x

Arantxa sa...

Lena,its so lovely!!

I like so much

Lataina sa...

Lena, you always have the cutest fabrics. It all looks lovely! =)

beatriz sa...

Lena que maravillas haces, tienes un blog estupendo. Enhorabuena por tus trabajos.

Janice sa...

Every day you make another gorgeous item. Delightful.

cockerina sa...

Hello Lena, thank you for the comment on my blog!
I voted for you every day, but it now seems that the winner is designated ... :((
I hoped until the last minute that you could keep at least third place, but there is a comeback, and unfortunately there is no time to recover. I amam very sorry !
patience, I admire your work and hope that it will be appreciated, however, by everyone, regardless of the victory of this cruel game:)
kisses, Caterina

Flora sa...

Hi Lena,
I envy your ability to be prolific :-)
I'm slow as a snail!
Although the outcome of the vot seems determined, as Caterina says, you won for us :-)
Your blog is beautiful and great source of inspiration so ... no regret!
Mini hugs, Flora

Lena sa...

Thank You all for your sweet, sweet comments!
I am really glad that I´ve got nominated in the competition and so glad for all who voted for me.
Big thanks to All of you!
T also hope that you find inspiration in my blog.

A big hug to you all / Lena!

Anonym sa...

Love the fabrics and the colors are very soft, pretty.


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miniaturenland sa...

I look again to your blog and wundering what you make every time again. It is beautifull, I want to vote, but can not find how, I see not a poll ore somethings when I click at the vote label,