fredag 8 april 2011

Welcome all new followers!

I just want to say welcome to all new followers!
There is amazing 677 followers now and I am so glad and overwhelmed for that. I spended a long time trying to make a post earlier today, where I wrote your name and linked to your blogs.  Suddenly all text  just disappeared from the screen and of course I had not time to save what I wrote. Such times I just dislike blogger and all technology that I dont understand.
So I give up and show you a pic of the gifts from Britt instead. She gave me this cabinet and the apron. I am going to use this items in a garden shed that is one of my on going projects.

3 kommentarer:

Kikka sa...

Wonderful gifts! Lovely friend!

Lataina sa...

Great gifts! I love all your little potted plants. =)

Mona sa...

Ja noen ganger kan denne dataen gjøre en fortvilet! Men heldige deg som har fått fine gaver. Gleder meg til å se hagebua di.