onsdag 21 mars 2012

Dollhouse show in sweden!

There is a miniature fair in Stockholm on sunday, mars 25th.
I am one of many exhibitors and I will show my dollhouse miniatures
and my newest house The Arthur.
You are welcome to visit if you are in Stockholm this sunday.

14 kommentarer:

Lida sa...

I will not be there, but I wish you a fantastic show! Greetings

Sionchi sa...

Qué pena, está muy lejos para ir....me ha gustado muchísimo el mueble de la cocina y las miniaturas de la entrada anterior, los de la tienda, son preciosos. besos

Maria Ireland sa...

Wishing you the best of luck at the show. Wish i could be there.
Hugs Maria

Cinderella Moments sa...

Have a great time! I love your little kitchen.
hugs and blessings

Lucille sa...

Good luck at the show, Lena! I wish I could be there! But, it's a bit far!!!

luisa sa...

I love your kitchen and your Arthur house!!!!! good luck for the show!!!!

Irene sa...

Good luck at the show.

Lena sa...

Thanks all! I really wish you all could be there!


Susanne sa...

Sorry I can´t be there, but I would have loved too!
Love, Susanne

Contrastes-Rosa Mª sa...

Suerte en la feria, seguro que la tendrás , pues tienes unas cosas preciosas :)

Janice sa...

Have a successful show this weekend. I would love an Arthur house. They look so cute!

Maria sa...


How great that you will bring the house! I am sure I will get very inpired! I assume you don't go by train this time :) ?
See you on Sunday!


Maria sa...

Oijoi.. I just wish that some day I could come... have a nice fair!!!

Mona sa...

Hadde jeg visst om messen tidligere kunne jeg kanskje greid å komme.
Kanskje neste gang - gir du beskjed i god tid neste gang det er messe?