lördag 12 maj 2012

Art Exhibition

I have been to an art exhibition today, here in my city in Sweden. A lot of paintings of course, I was most interested in dollhouse and miniature paintings on show.
 An incredibly talented doll house miniature maker, Brita Planck showed her amazing dollhouse with hand made furniture.
She had also been given the miniature paintings by several local artists, all signed.
The carpets are embroidered and I guess it's Brita who made ​​them.
The pictures below show her dollhouse.
 Unfortunately it is quite grainy and bright picture quality because they are photographed with my mobile phone. The glass that reflects light as well.

The books on the shelfs are all in leather and all furnitures handmade by her.

7 kommentarer:

Fabiola sa...

Bye Faby

Lida sa...

Beautiful, what a fantastic craft woman is that! What a lovely pictures have you made!

rosanna sa...

Wonderful, I wish I could see it.

Maria Ireland sa...

Wonderful exhibition what an artist. I love the bird pictures on the wall.
Hugs Maria

Agneta sa...

She is an fantastic artist.

Janne sa...

En dyktig dame, takk for at du delte med oss Lena


Glo sa...

Es muy bonita tu casa, te he puesto la barra lateral de mi blog lasmanitasdeglo.blogspot.com