tisdag 28 augusti 2012


I have no time for miniature making right now, but there is always time for shopping!
I have ordered this lovely book from adlibris. I dont understand finnish but I can always use Google translate and the pics are great with descriptions that are easy to understand.

I have also buoght photofabric to print my own motif and some new sweet "Tilda" fabrics designed by Tone Finnanger. Perfect for the dollhouse!

7 kommentarer:

Giac sa...

Hello Lena,
Have fun shopping! those fabrics are lovely. Good choices.

Xandra sa...

Leuke aankopen waar je later mooie miniaturen mee kunt maken.

Groeten Xandra

Maria sa...

I hope you can do the tutorials just with help of pictures.. :) I have those printer fabric too and it works great!

Cinderella Moments sa...

Hi Lena! The book looks so interesting. I love the fabrics. They are all exquisite. You will be able to do some incredible tings with it.

Susanna sa...

Lena, you'll love the book!
Shoot me a message if you desperately need translating help :)

Love how your shop is looking now.

Lena sa...

Thanks Susanna, I may will!

Natalia's Fine Needlework sa...

This is such a great way to personalize your own project. The photofabric is great! I would like to invite you to participate in my Giveaway www.scarletsailsminiatures.blogspot.com
Mini hugs,