söndag 17 mars 2013

Pics From the Miniature Show

I will start to say thanks to all of you who stopped at my table. It was so nice to meet all of you!
 Here above is my table at the Miniature Show and the next is Eva´s from Miniatyrbutiken

Here is Cilla´s table and her amazing chandeliers!

In the next pictures you can see the tables belong to "Millimeter", she doesnt have any website.

 Valentina´s lovely bakery with her handmade cakes and bread. She also had made tiny handbags and shoes from sculpey.

The next picture is a sceene from memory of Berith Bergström.

Here is Gunvi´s table...

PiaMaria´s handmade food!

Chairs from Kotte Toy´s!

Lovely sceens with "Emil i Lönneberga" and to the right a porch with geraniums!

Wonderful handmade dolls! I think they are made by Anne Collins!

Above - Crazy4Minis!

The next pic - Miniatyrvärlden!

8 kommentarer:

Hannah sa...

Dockorna ser ut som Anne Collins, hon har en blogg (hittar den ej nu) men även denna sida: http://hem.passagen.se/anne_collin/anne2/welcome/welcome.htm
Kul med alla bilder, speciellt för mig som inte kunna komma på mässan =) Hannah

Susanna sa...

Wish I had been able to come.. hopefully next year I'll make it!

Kleine Vingers sa...

It looks great, i wish I could visit that fair, it looks like a lot of stands I haven't seen before.
Miniature greetings

Anonym sa...

Inte Gullvies bord
Det är Föreningen Berith Bergströms minne, de stod bredvid Gullvie

Anonym sa...

Fel av mig, Det är Gunvies
men bilden ovanför menade jag
är Berith Bergströms Minne

Lena sa...

Tack för uppdateringen av namn och utställare. Hoppas det står rätt skrivet nu.

Susanna, I really hope you can visit the next show in october, and bring your friends too!

Fabiola sa...

Wonderful Miniature show. Thanks for sharing.
Greetings, Faby

Troy sa...

Great Post and great photographs! It is almost like being there. I hope your show was a success.