torsdag 11 april 2013

New pot!

I have made new flower pots, here you can see one of them.
I also painted this dresser, I Think grey and pink accent is great mix.
If you like my signs and pots ,You will find the at Evas shop HERE!

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Sonja sa...

Hi Lena,
Your pot is wonderful!
Also the other pots in the post
have a great day

Eliana sa...

I agree: pink and gray are perfect together.
You have made beautiful flowers. =)

Gemma sa...

Son muy bonitos todos los maceteros.
Un beso

Lida sa...

Lovely, the pot and the dresser, greetings

Yolanda Morán sa...

Precioso, me encanta.
Un abrazo.

Nono sa...


Indy_Poppy sa...

The pot goes really well with the dresser. Thanks for sharing. IndyPoppy

Anonym sa...

Just found your blog today, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit! I am in love with your Brookwood house, it is my dream house both in miniature and in real life.

Fabiola sa...

The new pot is wonderful.
Bye, Faby

Raquel sa...

¡Son preciosos!Se ven tan elegante en esa alacena...
¡Gran trabajo!
Un beso

Giac sa...

Hello Lena,
Your work is just beautiful. I love the pot, but the dresser is stunning in that gorgeous blue.
Big hug,

Lena sa...

Thank You all for the comments!
/ Lena!

La casa de Elisa sa...

que preciosidad ...esa convinacion de colores es ideal ¡¡...un besin