måndag 26 augusti 2013

More pics of the summer house!



11 kommentarer:

Lina sa...

What a lovely Little house!!!
I love the wallpaper :-)

Hugs, Lina

Dakota sa...

Wow!!! Its a lovely place.

Great work.


Isabelle sa...

It looks so pretty!

Elizabeth S sa...

Hi Lena! Your little summer house looks very summery and very fresh! You are making great progress on it and it looks like someplace that will be very relaxing to live in. I could easily fall asleep on the front porch while sitting in the sun!


PILAR6373 sa...

El progeso de la casa se ve fantástico,que dulce y bonita te está quedando!!!

Giac sa...

Hello Lena,
It is so welcoming and beautiful. Wonderful work.
Big hug,

Rosa sa...

Que bonita te esta quedando !
Un beso

miniacollection sa...

It's already looking gorgeous with the wallpaper and curtains.

Steinworks sa...

it is very cute, I could shrink myself down and live there for the summer but I would need a bed *hint hint*


Yolanda Morán sa...

Una verdadera maravilla, me encanta es fabulosa.
Un abrazo.

Anonym sa...

You seem to do very delicate work. I have recently started learning about dollhouses because my wife is interested in it, and I would love to learn more from you professionals! Keep up the great work and keep posting those lovely pictures!