måndag 12 oktober 2015

Stockholm miniature fair 2015

This is my purchases at the miniature fair in stockholm 2015.
Four sweet bears from Lena Thiel.
A handmade drawer from Britt-Marie Åblad and a wreath made by Mia at Minimismått.

The roses are made by Eva at miniatyrbutiken.se I also bougt a kit from Kotte toys and several kits from JacoMinis,/ Minimismåttåsånt.

Here is Kottetoy´s chairs!

Lena Thiel´s adorable teddys and mouses!

Here is Evas table from miniatyrbutiken.se
Lovely furnitures from Bespaq and Jiayi. 
She also made baskets and wicker chairs.

 Here is flowers from Anne Erlandsson-Foss.

Sweets from Maria Gander!

This is Wyrna Christensens table, love her Tildafabric!

6 kommentarer:

Isabel Ruiz Alonso sa...

Tus compras son muy bonitas y tu mesa seguro que fue un éxito.

PILAR6373 sa...

Preciosas compras!!! Muy bonitas las fotos,gracias por acercar la feria a quienes nos pilla tan lejos!!!

claude sa...

thank you for share

Fabulously Small sa...

You have a lovely stand, what a nice way to present your items, in the metal tins. I hope it was succesful, but I'm sure and at least you've done some very nice purchases, congratulations!

Fabiola sa...

Beautiful minis in your stand. I like your purchases; the bears are adorable.

Wyrna Christensen sa...

Hej Lena
Det er dejlige køb du har gjort. Din udstilling var så indbydende. Tak for at vise alle disse dejlige billeder.

Jeg glemte helt at tage billeder af mit eget bord, må jeg låne de 2 du har taget fra min udstilling??