måndag 31 oktober 2011

New items!

This preparations tray, flour, cakes and unbaked cakes was one of several purchases from Mia at
Minismått å sånt. She sold out all of her furnitures for half price and I bought a lot, as you can see at the picture at the bottom.
This refrigerator is aslo from her shop and this is just what I´ve looked for to my kitchen in the bif cabinet.
I just need to buy some plastic boxes for the vegetables - do anyone know where I can find such?

I bought this beutiful handmade wicker chair and coffert from Eva, the ball of yarn from Britt, the tiny buttons and ribbon packing from a danish exhibitor, who I dont remember the name of.
The tiny snowmen bead are from Cilla / Minst. She had made a beautiful lamp of a snowman like this, but I´ll use mine for christmas decoration just the way they are.

Here is a wooden box made of an old swedish model, the package of milk are also made from old models, that i remember from my childhood. I could not resist them....Its made by Gerd Carlsson (Miniatyrvärlden)

11 kommentarer:

El bichillo sa...

Que buenas compras, me han gustado los cartones de leche.

La Belle Cuisine sa...

Hi again Lena! Great purchases!!!
I send you my gift today!
I hope you enjoy it!

Lida sa...

Great score you made, lovely things, greetings

anna sa...

Great finds!! I especially like the milk packages...as you also say, childhood memories! Would you remember who makes them? Thank you for sharing! Greetings!

Maria Ireland sa...

You bought wonderful minis.
Hugs Maria

Lena sa...

Thanks fot your comments!Grazias!

Marina, I´m so excited and I really looking forward to get package from you. I am making your gift so I´ll send it this week!

Anna, thanks for noticed that I didn´t write the name, who made the wooden box.Its Gerd Carlsson from sweden, she also have the swedish miniature magazin, Miniatyrvärlden. She is so talent and make the most beutiful items, and she also have classes.

anna sa...

Thank you so much for the info!! I will look that up!

La casa de Elisa sa...

unas fantasticas compras te felicito ¡¡
besos elena

Doortje sa...

Mooie aanwinst vooral de koelkast

Ascension sa...

Unas fantasticas compras, enhorabuena.
besitos ascension

Lene sa...

Hi Lena. Very nice things you've bought.
Please tell me the size of the plastic boxes you need for the vegetables.