måndag 31 oktober 2011

The Stockholm miniature show

Here comes some pictures from the Stockholm miniature show! I didn´t get so much time to take pictures, just a few...At the top you see my table and items that I sold.
The next pictures are Valentina´s table, who make lovely cakes, that you also can find here!

Next pictures are Carol, from UK and her amazing handmade pottery!

Here you see Maria´s sweet pastry and her selfmade cakes.

Here is Brittmari Åblad´s table, beutiful things!

The next table is Pia Maria´s realistic food. Swedish meetballs, ham and sausages.She can make what ever she likes!Take a look at the potatoes in the blue earthy buckets!

The next pictures are Eva´s table! She also brought her beutiful roombox , with her selfmade furniture of cardboard that she made from french Leás Frisoni´s book.
She hade made beutiful wickerfurintures,coffins, handmade flowers and hats.

I will be back soon and show you what I bought!

I just want to thank you all ,my customers and sweet people who came and said hello!
Tack, alla svenska kunder!
Kitos, kaikki suomalaisia ​​asiakkaita!
This was so fun that I ´ll be back next year! I hope I see you then!

8 kommentarer:

Karin sa...

Dat ziet er allemaal fantastisch uit!, ik zou willen dat ik er ook was geweest!

Groetjes, Karin.

Lida sa...

Wow, lovely things you showed and I love Carol's pottery! Greetings

carmen sa...

gran reportaje, gracias!

Puppenstubennostalgie sa...

Vielen Dank für den kleinen Einblick in die Show.

Liebe Grüße

PuNo / Monika

La Belle Cuisine sa...

Hi Lena! What a beautiful fair! I love your table!
What about cushions? They sell well?

Fabiola sa...

Fantatic fair! Lovely miniatures. I love your pillows.
Bye Faby

La casa de Elisa sa...

que maravilla de feria ¡¡¡
besines elena

Malin sa...

Otroligt härlig sida, inspirerande! Tänkte kolla med dig om det är ditt bord som utemöblerna är på, bild nummer 2? Har letat efter ägaren men minnet sviker ganska rejält :-)